RACE CARS CPR educational video shown in select movie theaters

RACE CARS has produced a hands-only CPR educational video will be shown in select movie theaters beginning August 23 and running through November 14, for a total of 12 weeks. The 30-second spot will run twice before every movie showing, as well as in the cinema lobbies, providing a combined total of over 3.2 million projected impressions (the estimated number of people who will pay attention to the ad). The ad spot might be extended through the big Thanksgiving movie week, generating more than 1 million additional impressions.

The ad will also be shown in other venues such as websites, television, other theaters, etc.

Below are the cities listed alphabetically and movie theaters were the ads are running:

  • Asheville – Biltmore Grande Stadium
  • Concord – Carolina Mall Stadium 8 & Concord Mills 24
  • Gastonia – Franklin Square Stadium 14
  • Greenville – Greenville Grande Stadium
  • Rocky Mount – Premiere Theatre 14
  • Southport – Surf Cinemas
  • Wilmington – Mayfaire Stadium 16
  • Winston Salem – The Grand 18 WS

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thank you all for your support as we launch this exciting phase of RACE CARS community education in North Carolina!

Kathy H. Montero
Community Coordinator,
Regional Approach to Cardiovascular Emergencies
Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation System

Critical Topics in Saving NC Lives: Focus Cardiac Arrest- Aug. 6, 2013


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