Critical Topics in Saving NC Lives: Focus Cardiac Arrest- Aug. 6, 2013


The Statistics

RACE CARS Project overview

The Science Behind Resuscitation

EMD’s Role in Resuscitation

Team Resuscitation and High Quality CPR

Regionalization of Cardiac Arrest Care

Hot Topics in Cardiac Arrest

In Hospital Care of the Therapeutic Hypothermia Patient

Review of Transfer and Cardiac Arrest Center Order Sets

Pharmacological Considerations for Therapeutic Hypothermia Patients

Community Role in Cardiac Arrest

Celebrating Success

CPR Anytime Classes

Critical Topics in Saving Lives in NC – May 1, 2013

Program Agenda.docx

2013 Rokos – Am Heart J – cath lab activation[1].pdf

Alan Thompson Demo of the Team Appraoch and HQ CPR Critical Topics – Cardiac Arrest CARE in EMS.pdf

Code Cool2013_In-hospital care_CMC-NE-RACE CARS.pdf

Code Cool2013-Regionalization-CMCNE-RACE CARS.pdf

Garvey 1 EKG Lecture RACE May 2013.pdf

Hearts 20 & 20 Heroes[1].pdf

Heffner Regionalization of post CA care AHJ 2012.pdf

Lisa Monk RACE CARS Data 4 9 13.pdf

Missionlifeline 101 5 30 13_Final.pdf

Peter Delaney Therapeutic Hypothermia and Pharmacologic Considerations.pdf

Plaque and clot drug considerations.pdf